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Making Big Waves: Remove Roadblocks By Crushing It


What’s up folks!

I just got back from a “mini vacation” and adjusting back into “work mode.” So far so good.

I make it a point to only write articles I feel has massive value to offer. The question I ask is, “would I read this article myself?”

If the answer is “no” I will sit there and refine my concept until it gets to a “yes.” This process can often take hours, and I’ve been known to go days without proper sleep to prepare articles, all while balancing all my other work.

Luckily, I’m getting better creating concepts and translating it into writing since I started writing everyday.

All this effort for you! But if you need more reasons to subscribe.

Anyway, this post is about a topic I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. I call it “making big waves.”

How To Discover Your True Path In life


Ah Hoy!

Just got done with packing my clothes and getting ready for my trip to Texas.

I’m heading out tonight for a seminar on self-improvement. It’s pretty exciting because I will be meeting people who have inspired me the most in this journey towards excellence.

The drive is 8 hours long but I’m going with one of my best friends so I’ll have company.

Anyways, on to the post…

This is a sort of continuation of the last post.

Once you have decided to break the glass ceiling you are ready begin this glorious journey of personal development.

Breaking The Glass Ceiling For Personal Growth

breakng the invisible glass ceiling

How it going?

I’m doing great down here in the midst of stormy weather.

I just got back from a jog and made it home right before the rain came whirling in.

I didn’t really feel like going and I knew I had two choices.

Choice #1: Skip today’s run because it was about to rain and the weather was making me feel gloomy and sleepy. Use the hurricane as an excuse to stay in.

Choice #2: Get my ass outside and do it anyway before it starts to actually rain.

This is a situation we all face everyday. It doesn’t have to relate with running but you encounter this situation when you get up in the morning but want to stay in bed 5 extra minutes because it warm and cozy.

How To Be Yourself By Looking At Others


The world gives clues into who you are by way of reflecting back your values.

We are like a projector that’s beaming our perception into the world. What we see in other is often what we see in ourselves.

A young boy looking at a car projects his experience with his toys and an old lady looking at a car might project her experiences with her time as a saleswoman.

It’s the same thing with personalities and behaviors!

Seeing what you admire in other people is seeing the same thing inside yourself. It may be something you have not cultivated or worked on but remember, you wouldn’t be able to see it if you did not possess the potential.

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